Soon will be carnival in Panama

Carnival in Panama is a celebration that takes place in just about every town of the country. Even though this is a yearly celebration, an often asked question even by locals is: “When is the carnival this year?” That’s because the celebration is always 40 days before the christian holly week. The most famous of all towns is Las Tablas in the province of Los Santos which is also located in the Azuero peninsula. Panama city, the capital of the country, and Penonome are also places to celebrate it in all its glamour.
The celebration is a huge party, yes that’s exactly what it is. In fact it is the most famous of all parties in Panama. You might be familiar with carnival of Rio de Janeiro, and Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Well the carnival in Panama is also celebrated on the same dates and it is celebrated in one way or another by the whole country.

If you are wondering about when is the carnival this coming year, Click Here to See. So gear up and separate those days ahead of time.

Reina Calle Arriba Las Tablas Carnival Queen